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About Jessica

Jessica has been active in local politics since joining the Conservation Cats at Lincoln Junior High School. The daughter of Paula Bradshaw, a nurse, and Rich Whitney, an attorney, Jessica is the former owner of Rosetta Stone Bookstore. She is currently an Office Manager at SIU. Jessica is a member of the Association of Civil Service Employees, Non-Violent Carbondale, the Northwest Carbondale Neighborhood Association, and Chair of Carbondale’s Human Relations Commission. She is also a volunteer DJ at WDBX.


Jessica wants to hear from YOU. She believes that, together, we can make OUR city the way we want it: a more sustainable, vibrant, enjoyable place for everyone to live. Jessica believes that the Comprehensive Plan, which had extensive citizen input, should be taken seriously as the city’s guide to development. Feel free to email her at!


·         Offer a free parking validation system for people who work, shop, or dine downtown. Carbondale has an image of not being business-friendly;

          we  need to reverse that perception.

·         Use TIF funds to encourage development of a transportation hub near the Amtrak station, with a hotel nearby, so that visitors can stay downtown.

·         Emphasize downtown redevelopment instead of sprawl. Expand mixed-use buildings and encourage businesses to build upwards, not just out.

·         Expand green spaces and parks, including a dog park.


·         Install more traffic signals and crosswalks, to improve safety for pedestrians, bicyclists, children, and people in wheelchairs.

·         Replace or reduce the sales tax with a small fee on the purchase of Styrofoam, bottled water, and plastic bags.

·         The City needs to conduct a thorough survey of our infrastructure, and then repair our broken sidewalks, streetlights, potholes, etc.

·         Phase out and replace older City vehicles with hybrids or electrics.


·         Help keep young people in town by expanding career opportunities, as well as increasing artistic and entertainment opportunities.

·         Support our local musicians, artists, businesses, and non-profit organizations. Provide equal and fair consideration for city funding to all

          community organizations.

·         Work with landlords to expand availability of affordable housing options for young non-students, in the center of town.

 PO Box 614 , Carbondale, IL 62903